Seconds is an attractive, simple, easy to use, programmable timer. It was originally developed for fitness interval training but has proved so useful to people that it's now being used for much more, from studying to trumpet practice.

Seconds features the following:

Seconds in Action

Here are some videos showing the possibilities available to you in Seconds (some of the features are only available in Seconds 1.3 currently in submission with Apple - 13 Sept 2011).

App Store Reviews

Still not convinced? Check out these genuine reviews from all over the globe. You can see all the reviews left for Seconds (mostly good but inevitably a few bad) over at AppComments

excellent timer - i've tried a lot of rep timers, and this one is my favorite for its simplicity and straightforward typography. highly recommended for its large display if you're taking reminders from it from a distance. timers are easy to set up and operate, cycles are easy too, with cut/copy/paste. ~ peekay, USA

Great app - I was in a need of good and easy-to-use intervaltimer and fortunately found Seconds. I've tried a few different timers but none of them have really shown this kind of quality. Only complaints I had were few bugs but before I had chance to report them, they were already fixed. The UI is simple and fast. Making new timers works like a charm. Seconds might well be one of Top-3 apps I've bought on my four-year experience with iOS. ~ Aki Selkälä, Finland

This is THE Interval Timer! - I had been using prior version for the past year and found it to function flawlessly. The few items on my wish list for the old version were included in the update - namely the ability to cut and paste (a huge help for creating longer routines) and the ability to reorder the timers. I had a simple question about a feature in the update and the developer responded quickly with a thorough answer. If you are looking for a full featured, user friendly timer with a clear display then look no more - this is the one! ~ P66-12, USA

A great application just got better!!! - This is a perfect little app for doing timed exercises with timed rests. I use it for timing my TRX body weight workouts and it is so much better than Apple stopwatch. The update has made editing my workout and creating variations so easy. Thanks for just the app I needed! ~ drgreggd, USA

Exactly what I needed - Yes, this app is great for exercise, but I have another use for it as well! I am a physician who happens to have ADHD. There is a LOT of paperwork/computer work in my job, and it is extremely easy for me to get distracted, tasks taking twice as long than they should. This app has sped up my work, and I get to go home earlier. Lol thanks a bunch! ~ tickie_cat, USA

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